GRP Pipe


  1. Anti corrosion
  2. Light weight, high strength
  3. Good low temperature resistant
  4. High temperature and pressure resistant
  5. Heat preservation and energy saving
  6. Easy to install

GRP pipe application
1 Industrial Piping Systems
2 GRP Pumping Stations
3 Manholes for sewage piping systems
4 Sewage and drainage systems
5 Water Stowing channels
6 Water treatment plants
7 Potable Water pressure Lines
8 Inverted Siphons
9 Hydro power turbine lines (penstocks)
10 Sea Water intakes
11 Desalination plants
12 Well tube pipes
13 Fiberglass Pipes for bridges
14 Sea Water outlets
15 Firefighting systems
16GRP system in Environmental protected areas
17 Above Ground Systems
18 Brine line

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